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Yellowstone Winter Workshop

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February 22th-25th 2016

This is the only "Grand Tour" of winter workshop being offered in Yellowstone! To those familiar of the Grand Tour Loop, we photograph the most asked for features of Yellowstone: Three days at Old Faithful, Yellowstone Lake, Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone River and it's falls, Madison and Firehole River, Norris Geyser Basin, Mammoth Hot Springs and Lamar Valley- every important geological natural feature and the opportunity to photograph every winter wildlife!

As the worlds oldest national park, Yellowstone is also the world's most famous park and winter is one of its most special time.
Salvatore's has learn where the best photographic locations are and the best time of the day to be there from his 37 years of experience in Yellowstone. Visiting in February always guarantees the deep snow conditions that the best photographs demand: even in the driest year! Now the crowds are gone. The wildlife subdued and the geysers in their most splendid display. Photograph the worlds largest Bison herds as they roam expansive mountain river valleys. Capture elk herds chased by wolfs. Pan eagles as they swoop on to their pray. Enjoy River Otters Play and elegant Trumpeter Swans paddle. Discover towering hot spring formations and bubbling colorful mud pots. This tour offers it all!

Our daily itinerary is always kept flexible for a reason as the weather including trail conditions can change drastically year to year or even a week! Old Faithful's Western Cabins and Gardiner will be our two hotel base camps while we travel in warm private snowcoaches, out of sub-freezing winds, for four of five days to our daily winter destinations. We spend two nights at the Old Faithful area Snow Lodge in the heart of Yellowstone then take a special trip to frozen Yellowstone Lake and the geyser basins along it! We close the trip with photographing the  massive herds of northern Yellowstone in Mammoth Hot Springs and Lamar Valley where our best chance is to photograph wolfs. Our classes are small kept to 5* students so you get more student to instructor time in the field. Contrary to false information- Grizzly/ Black Bears sightings are rare in winter due to their hibernation till spring and we feel that shooting bear prematurely waking to feed or bears sleeping in dens impose undue stress and risk of infections!

Porcelain Basin Yellowstone Winter Photo Workshop by Salvatore Vasapolli
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Student Testimonials

Elk graze during winter in Yellowstone National Park

Old Faithful Geyser

Porcelain Basin, Yellowstone NP

Trumpeter Swans in winter yellowstone national park DATES: February 22-25th,
LOCATION: Yellowstone National Parks, Wyoming/ Montana    
LODGING: Not Included      
TRANSPORTATION: Snow Coach Included 
FOOD: Not Included
DIFFICULTY: Moderate to Easy
Novice to Professional
PRICE: $2,950.00* per person
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Gallatin River and Crowfoot Ridge in Yellowstone National Park

Crested Pool by Salvatore Vasapolli

Lower Yellowstone Falls by Salvatore Vasapolli

Big Horn Sheep

Student Testimonials

Read Salvatore's Outdoor Photographer's Yellowstone Article on Salvatore!
Browntrout Publishing contracted Mr. Vasapolli to produce their Yellowstone Calendar as a Sole Photographer Contributor for over 10 ten years as he consistently produced dynamic compositions of Yellowstone and not just because of his art and technical skills but also of his intimate knowledge of this vast and exciting national park. Browntrout's Yellowstone  Yellowstone Photo Workshop by Salvatore Vasapolli
calendar became the favorite pick of both the Rangers and Yellowstone employees as well as the favorite choice of the Yellowstone enthusiast! His solo winter camping expeditions into the heart of it's wilderness are just part of the experience Salvatore shares along his photographic skills and enthusiasm of wild Yellowstone on this winter trip of America's best national park!  

All Yellowstone Winter Workshop Students receive 5 free hours of extended image critique and digital post processing instruction after our workshop- students are always free to email question whenever! Please note that post digital process classes are not scheduled during our Yellowstone workshop. Students are encouraged to show their best work each day during our cocktail hour gatherings if they wish to share for our positive constructive group critiques but are not required to do so.

Our Yellowstone photographic opportunities take precedent over digital instruction as we wake very early. Is it more important to spend our valuable time and money to distant places taking great shots then it is to waste it in a hotel conference room doing what can be done while back home as many stores, colleges and online professional instructors (including me) offer post processing classes. We need time to sleep and regain our strength in what can be hostile environments so to be strong alert to capture the best images possible!.

Salvatore Vasapolli is an Outdoor Photographer Featured Professional Photographer Read Salvatore's article on Yellowstone in Outdoor Photographer!
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to unforeseen costs, second instructor or past student accommodations. 
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