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Mono Lake Eastern Sierras Photography Workshops by Salvatore Vasapolli

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Yellowstone Photography Workshops by Salvatore Vasapolli
Yellowstone Photo Workshops
Death Valley Photography Workshops by Salvatore Vasapolli
Death Valley Photo Workshops
Delaware Water Gap Photo Workshops by Salvatore Vasapolli
Delaware Water Gap Workshops
Arches Photography Workshops by Salvatore Vasapolli
Arches Photo Workshops
Acadia Photo workshops by Salvatore Vasapolli
Acadia Photo Workshops
Yosemite Photo Workshops by Salvatore Vasapolli
Yosemite Photo Workshops

have been in joy since 2004, when my first book, Montana, had inspired readers to come on my journey through that photographic gem of a state. Since then, the workshops have move outward from the mountains of Montana to deserts of distant lands. I have enjoyed every workshop while making good lifelong friends from around the world that . My favorite workshops are the ones that create inspired students no matter where they are held. Yellowstone, Death Valley, Acadia or anywhere are always the best places to learn as long as you, the student, keep an open mind to the possibilities of photographic art.
I try to hold my workshops in each particular location for the best time whether it's the flower bloom or high volume water flows for waterfalls. Mind you some places are still great no matter when like Yellowstone or certain historical parks. The best teaching experiences begin with small groups of students 6 or less people.
Curriculums of study start with  the basics of location photography such as best times to shoot and which subjects are present. At all stages, we teach a standard basic explanations of technical camera and compositional tools important to convey your thoughts in a dynamic presentation of art. We teach simple Photoshop and Lightroom skills 
in the field to fine tune your digital image to professionally level ready to blow away your social media friends or competition! 
Arches Photography Workshops by Salvatore Vasapolli


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