The Introspective Landscape
October 11th- 2008- February 4th 2009

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A Museum of the Rockies Exhibition of 26 prints spanning 20 years of photography

Museum of the Rockies Curator's News Release 

For nearly 140 years, the tradition of landscape photography in the American West has expressed the natural world as viewed through the lens of humanity. Aesthetic ideals of pictorial beauty have often portrayed the landscape as pristine, intentionally excluding all evidence of human impact. This view expresses a role of humanity being apart from but reliant on Nature, humbly aware of a landscape that is complex and vast, while affirming a belief that qualities of beauty and the sublime are intrinsic. Salvatore Vasapolli's color landscape photographs of the Northern Rockies region are an expression of these ideals and his commitment to conveying this view to others.


The selected images in this exhibition cover nearly twenty years of Salvatore’s work as a professional photographer. His landscapes explore the mountain, lake, river and prairie landscapes in Montana and Wyoming, presenting an intimate or “introspective” approach where the rich detail of a foreground subject leads the viewer into a dramatic and distant horizon. Salvatore’s combination of dramatic space and the close-up-view encourages us to take a closer look and contemplate our sense of the world immediately at our feet. This style combines ideas of complexity and beauty, offering an experience that is a unique mixture of subject and place.


Vasapolli’s working process is usually more intuitive than planned, putting himself in a chosen environment and remaining open to discovering the photograph. He will also return to a location until the combination of light, subject and composition is right. Salvatore uses a large-format film camera for most of his landscape work. Despite the increasing use of digital photographic cameras, Salvatore remains committed to traditional camera and film for his landscape work. The camera’s focal plane controls allow him to create the extreme foreground to background relationship in his images and the large film format preserves the image quality in his large-scale prints.


Salvatore Vasapolli’s photographic journey is significant for its sincerity of purpose and dedication to continued exploration. The broad geographic scope of the Northern Rockies holds a promise of many future photographic discoveries, providing the artist and his audience with experiences that will continue to engage and inspire.


Steven B. Jackson

Curator of Art and Photography


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