We are proud to offer a selected number of Salvatore's photographs as E-Prints®. "E" stands for Economy. These prints are an low cost alternative to obtain the fine image photography by Salvatore.

The posters you know are made with 4 Color Dyes and last about 5-9 years before the dyes begin to fade. In ten years, that poster you loved so much ends up looking bluish/ green because the red dye is the first to fade. Our E-Print posters use a combination of pigmented archival inks and Acid-Free paper to make our Giclée poster/prints. This combination results in the longest  archival poster-type prints made today. These prints have a light-fastness of 35+ years when properly stored (see below). The paper we print on is a heavy weight/bright acid-buffeted poster paper. Our inks will out last the paper which will yellow over time. The 35+ years of Lightfastness was once only achievable using the expensive photographic papers.  So we call them E-Prints because they are inexpensive and Posters because they have printed text on them. They will outlast any 4 Color Poster made today- E-Prints! A smart buy no matter how cheap a 4 Color dye-ink Poster costs!

Order Posters With Or Without A Colored Border or Text

All posters with a colored border are available without a colored border in just plain white or without the printed text at no cost. Please ask when calling in your order.

Watercolor Rendered Posters

Some of our posters are only available using a digital watercolor painting effect. These beautiful Creations* have a wonderful painterly quality to them.  Many of our Fine Art Prints using the same photographic image that are available as a poster do not have the effect. We use the watercolor effect for it's beauty and to justify selling it at a lower price. In cases were the effect is not appreciated or wanted, we recommend purchasing it as a fine art print and paying the higher cost.

*expected life before first signs of fading using conservation framing materials.






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