We are proud to offer, in custom sizes,  our signed limited and open edition prints on Archival Museum 100% cotton rag board to make our premium prints. Quality prints that will be admired by many future generations.

Print Sizes

All prints are available in different sizes then what may be listed in our gallery catalog. Recommended sizes start from 20"X16" depending on image format (Panoramics are recommended to print starting at 30" in lenght) all the way to 40X60" again depending on the image format. Please call in those questions and orders (973) 464-3354

Signed Limited and Open Edition Prints

All limited edition prints prints are signed, dated and numbered. Open Edition prints are just signed and dated. All prints (including unlimited edition prints) are  then officially embossed. Limited Edition Production runs varies according to each individual print from as few as 10 to 1,000 in each size. To ensure that your print is an official reproduction, please make an copy of the Embossing by placing a white sheet of paper over the Embossment and rubing the side of a pencil over it. Make of copy of your invoice. Mail both to use and we will compare it to our database. Blackmarket Priracy of Intellectual Property devalues your investment. Never buy from an unauthorized reseller. To obtain a certificate of authenticity for free follow the preceding instructions. 

Archival Pigment Ink Giclée Prints

The combination of inks and paper in our Giclée prints results in the longest  archival prints made today. These prints have a light-fastness of 250+ years (meaning fading will not begin to appear until after that time*) when properly stored (see below). An investment lasting into the next millennium or more! The all natural sheets are made acid and lignin free 100% cotton rag. The eggshell to almost pure white surface produces a highly luminous detailed images with vivid of colors and deep dark blacks. Seven brilliant archival pigmented inks are used to produce a full spectrum of colors never seen before in photographic prints.

*expected life before first signs of fading using conservation framing materials.






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