Montana De Oro workshop by Salvatore Vasapolli

Wine, Vine, Surf and Turf Photography Workshop

October 12th- 15th 2021

The Paso Robles wine region produces one of the world's finest wines and his year we have expanded another day to include some surf and turf places featuring the Morro Bay  and El Moro Elfin Forest! Great photography is like fine wine. You can not take any grape throw it into a barrel and expect great wine to flow out. It takes the right amount of knowledge and experience to have it turn out great. As is wine, great photography only happens with the knowledge and dedication to producing it. Salvatore will show you how with his intimate knowledge of of both photography and the great vineyards of this appellation. On this workshop, you will get the experience the viticult imagery behind such well known labels as Justin, J Lohr and Eberle wineries to name a few. If the wineries are not too busy, we will meet some of the best master vintners in the business capturing the process as they work. The Paso Robles wine country has all the ingredients of perfect photography- expansive vine covered hills, wine caves, historical ranches and buildings. Do not forget that you also get to taste the products!  

Paso Robles is just a part of the greater beauty found within San Luis Obispo County and this year we include some great
land and ocean scapes including the breath taking beauty of Morro Bay. It's lovely
harbor of anchored fishing boats, sailboats and docks lined with restaurants and stores. Along with it's striking landmark Morro Rock creates a story book of images. Morro bay is also one of the best places to photography Sea Otters, Porpoises and shorebirds. Just on the other side of Morro Rock, Surfers ride waves create great action/sport imagery.

El Moro Elfin Forest contains some of the best examples of pygmy oak trees. Over hundreds of years old and only 15-20 feet high their twisted forms create a phantasmagoric setting. We will spend a morning here and hike the trails of this preserve.

We have scheduled with workshop to coincide with the Paso Roble's Wine alliance's Fall Harvest Festival held on the weekend after our workshop. You are welcome to join me if you wish just please let us know if you do. It is a good time with wine food and newly found friends! 

vineyard workshop by Salvatore Vasapolli

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Morro Harbor workshop by Salvatore Vasapolli

DATES: October 12- 15th, 2021 
LOCATION: Paso Robles, California  
LODGING: not included       
TRANSPORTATION: not included      
FOOD: not included       
PRICE: $1,200.00* per person

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Montana de Oro Splash workshop by Salvatore Vasapolli

Student Testimonials
El Moro Elfin Forest workshop by Salvatore Vasapolli
El Moro Elfin Forest
Student Testimonials

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