"Don't hesitate to sign up for this. Salvatore Vasapolli is a great teacher and workshop leader. I attended his Death Valley Workshop and it was fabulous. Loved camping and the Racetrack was special!"

-Bill B.
Death Valley Workshop
"Ever since I left Idaho for Texas, I always dreamt of visiting Yellowstone in winter and I was not disappointed. It was the trip of lifetime and I was glad to have Salvatore to take me there! Salvatore always took time to review my images in the field. He help me understand the technical and compositional aspects to better photography. What I liked best was his approach to correct my gross mistakes first one at a time instead of pointing out every mistake in the picture. His step by step approach was easy to grasp for someone who has some knowledge of photography but needed that professional insight and motivation in the critique of my work. I never felt demeanor in his critiques and could see my photos improve each day!"

Peggy E.
Yellowstone National Park
Yellowstone workshop photo by Pablo Chiodo I experienced and enjoyed a wonderful trip with Salvatore. Where can I start….., beside the amazing places, the out-of-this-world landscapes. the wildlife , the snow and the weather ,
I have to dedicate a special note for Salvatore’s knowledge, wisdom, patient and energy. I was so lucky to have the
opportunity of enjoying a private workshop the whole week, even we started one day earlier, looking for a winter kill Salvatore heard of.
The week was very challenging and I learned a lot about everything…, from basics on posture, W/B balance settings on the snow, composition, perspective and a lot of tips to help me become a better photographer, also Salvatore taught me how to
manage and organize my photographs thru photoshop and bridge.
I learned more during this week than a whole year in any photography course, and my photos since then shows that improvement.
I want to point out Salvatore’s absolute dedication, passion and love for his profession, and the willingness to share his knowledge and experience in this case with me.
As a final remark, I can say “ I met an instructor on day one, and said goodbye to a friend on day seven”.

I wish to enjoy a new workshop with Salvatore in a nearby future.
-Pablo G.C. Argentina
Yellowstone Winter Private Workshop

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"My wife Terry and I really enjoyed the instruction and encouragement you provided during the Paterson Great Falls workshop at the end of April. I appreciate learning how to use the live view feature of my camera to compose and verify correct exposure of my image before shooting. Terry appreciated the refresher course you gave her, and in particular, remembering how to achieve proper exposure without loss of detail..."

-Don and Terry P.
Paterson Great Falls Workshop
Waterloo Workshop
Paterson Workshop
Paterson Fall Photo Workshop by Salvatore Vasapolli

Yellowstone workshop photo by Paul Lindberg
Paul L.
I attended the Yellowstone workshop, it was the highlight of my year. We spent 5 days in and around Yellowstone photographing Geysers, Landscapes, and Wildlife (often at very close range!). I found Salvatore to be easy to talk to, very knowledgeable, and he offered many tips that helped make my photos better. A specific example of how much he supported me as a student happened on the morning of photographing Old Faithful. The skies were clear with a fantastic blue color, and Salvatore was very excited about the opportunity. Unfortunately, my camera had broken the night before and my spare was back in West Yellowstone. Even though he knew he would miss some great shots, Salvatore loaned me his camera so that I could still get that shot! The workshop was reasonably priced and well worth it. He also provided post-processing tips on how to bring out more color on shots that were taken in poor or foggy light conditions.

-Paul L.
Yellowstone Winter Workshop

We were fortunate enough to have Salvatore Vasapolli show his work and speak to our photography students and the Northwest College community at large about “High Perspective Photographic Art”. His talk was filled with wonderful information, humor, and insight. Salvatore teaches with conciseness, clarity, and an ability to convey complex ideas and techniques for both technical and non-technical individuals. The audience was engaged and inspired by the way Salvatore presented his ideas and methods and by the beautiful imagery that he presented. If you have the opportunity to hear him speak or take one of his workshops, it will be well worth your time.

Anthony M. Polvere
Associate Professor of Photography
Northwest College, WY

Mr. Vasapolli Lectures On Various Photographic Topics!

"I took a private workshop with Salvatore at the beautiful Delaware Water Gap. We started before sunrise and shot all day. The emphasis of this shoot was High Perspective Photography or High Impact Foreground Subject Photography a photographic composition that Salvatore is famous for. This technique adds impact to your images by using a very strong visual element in the foreground but at the same paying attention to what’s in the background. By doing so, you provide visual interest in both “zones.” Salvatore works with you in “seeing” the shot before looking through the viewfinder and how best to compose while looking through it. I found this refreshing since many instructors are more concerned about getting their own shots instead of making sure the students get theirs. All in all, I found the whole experience rewarding, enjoyable and a lot of bang for the buck!"

Don S.
Delaware Water Gap
Delaware Water Gap workshop photo by Don Schroder

Don S.

I had the pleasure of being immersed in a double dose of Salvatore Vasapolli's photographic knowledge. Salvatore presented his lecture, The Introspective Landscape, which featured his 25 years of work photographing the landscapes of Montana and Wyoming. Salvatore shared how he captures his artful photographs using the Large Format Camera. The presentation was inspiring and led many who attended wanting more with  Salvatore provided our club with a private photographic adventure workshop. It was challenging, filled with numerous tips and an opportunity for practice.  Salvatore was very attentive and keeps his workshops small so he is able to give that one-on-one attention; which is needed when you are learning something out of your comfort zone.  I highly recommend attending one of Salvatore's workshops.  You will not be disappointed and will walk away with knowledge you will use.  

A fan, Stephanie Brooks, Bethlehem, PA
President Lehigh Valley Photo Club

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Photo by Buddy Eleazer

Buddy E.

"As a speaker, Salvatore does a great job of telling the story behind the images presented.  His images will inspire you to consider foreground in composition in a way you never previously considered.  I highly recommend his presentation.

While inspired by the presentation, the field workshop was a critical event for me to learn the methods and techniques that have made Salvatore’s photography so successful.  Prior to the workshop, Salvatore requested images from participants to better judge skill levels.  On a Salvatore Vasapolli Workshop be prepared for a full day and some hard work as Salvatore specializes in landscapes with powerful foregrounds and backgrounds of waterfalls and hillsides. Salvatore emphasizes the importance of being at the right place at the right time for perfect lighting.  To accomplish this, we moved quickly and efficiently between numerous shooting locations. At each site, there will be excellent opportunities for learning.  Salvatore works on a very individual level to discuss composition, use of filters and specific camera settings to get that ‘keeper’ shot.  Perhaps as impressive as anything was Salvatore’s geography and history knowledge of each field location.  It’s obvious he has a true love of wilderness and of capturing the outdoors through photography."

P. B. (Buddy) E.
Delaware Water Gap

"I highly recommend Salvatore Vasapolli’s workshops to anyone wanting to really learn how to use their camera, about the nuances of taking a "good" shot, about the study of light and shadows!"

"I have probably taken over 20 workshops and without doubt I learned more from Salvatore than anyone.  Salvatore was patient, and taught me what I wanted to learn.  Plus - and I say this with a big smile - He really taught me the difference between a quick "postcard" gimme and the art of making a really good picture."

"Salvatore, and his work, represent the highest end of photography! To anyone thinking of attending his workshop, don't hesitate.  Go with questions and needs and have a wonderful, fulfilling and very valuable photography experience."

 -Beverly R.
SW Montana Private Workshop

Sedona Photography Workshop by Salvatore Vasapolli "Salvatore expanded my vision of photography by pointing out my weaknesses and concentrated on techniques such as using dynamic foreground subjects, exposing for highlights, best composition techniques for different lens and how to turn my visually fragmented imagery into a dramtic complete photo essay without the need of worded text to convey a storyline!"

-John P.
Sedona Private Workshop

"...I was amazed not only by Salvatore's photographic knowledge but also his knowledge of  Yellowstone's tourist history and it's natural history. It was like having both a Naturalist Ranger and Photo Workshop Leader in one. Photographing Yellowstone is an experience every photographer should do once in their lifetime and be sure to have Salvatore be your guide!..."

Joseph A.
Yellowstone National Park
Yellowstone Workshop Photo by Salvatore Vasapolli

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"Working with Salvatore was a wonderful experience.  He made me see the landscape in a whole new way and capture it in an amazing composition.  I use the techniques and tips I learned at his workshop every time I pick up my camera." 

Valorie  M.
Delaware Water Gap

Our workshops classes are limited to low student to instructor ratio to maximize your learning experience and to thread lightly on the environment!

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